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Slight chance of salvation

- In a distant part of the universe the last remaining fractions of an empire brought to ruin struggles to find something to help them survive.
Slight chance of salvation Chapter 1 In a galaxy far away, a race of beings brought to the brink of extinction by a relentless enemy, search for some means of salvation as they travel ...

Short stories

- A collection of short stories meant to entertain. Be they comical, dramatical or tragical, enjoy your journey through letters, words and emotions.
Below you will find a collection of entertaining short stories. ...

Lost in hero making

- One reluctant teenger gets forced to become a hero and he will not take it laying down.
Lost in hero making. Prologue. "Aaah" my loud panicked scream filled the sky as i plummeted, the ground staggeringly fast approaching me and my beautiful face, of course my face was going to be ...


- Novels currently being worked on.
The following novels are currently being written. ...

Whothemcats videos and pictures

- A collection of movie created and/or modified by whothemcats.
Below you will find a collection of movies and pictures modified and/or created by Whothemcats.
These videos are comedic in nature and mostly revolve around the adventures of cats, what they think and what ...

Funny movies

- Whothemcats presents a collection of movies.
It's okay. 69mPU_Ubq-4 Nobody saw me... AlO2nxirfn0 Im outta here! -prkA2DpLaQ ...

Let's play

- A collection of let's play videos with yours truly Rofurry.
Available Let's play videos. ...

Swordbreaker The Game

- An interactive fiction game where each player has their own storyline.
 Swordbreaker The Game is well a game for the android with a compelling non-linear story, beautiful artwork and multiple endings.
I didn't know much about the game when i tried it ...


- Limbo is a 2D side-scroller where the player guides an unnamed boy through dangerous enviroment and traps as he searches for his sister.
Limbo is a 2D side-scroller available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, Wii U.
In the game the player controls an unnamed ...


- A collection of songs made using Mixcraft.
A collection of songs to listen to while enjoying reading the different stories. Acoustic winds (4:27) - 4.07 MB Acoustic winds. Appearances betray (4:14) - 3.87 MB Appearances betray. ...

Last letter of regret

- One last letter detailing the fate of one soldier of thousands, one young life lost together with thousand others.
Dear Diana,
My dear Diana, i write to you in what may perhaps be my last moments, my last day on this world, the battle rages on and we are surrounded. In ...

Forgotten journal

- A dusty old diary details the last days before the plague swept the world.
A dusty old diary rests on a nightstand forgotten, decaying, the last proof of one man's existence. The wind blows through a recently broken window opening the old diary, it's words now visible. ...

Due judgement

- When the world loses it's faith, what happens? Who will save the faithful few?
  Along the way through this journey we call life, humanity ever growing and evolving started losing faith in god, in goodness, in what it meant to be human. As new generations were born ...

A demon cries

- A short story of a man that lost everything and decided to destroy everything.
A man stands on a cliff his eyes empty, his soul broken, his heart turned to stone.
His skin is pale, lips are cracked and clothes are now mostly red, stained with blood. Precious ...

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